FLORESVILLE - The discovery of Eagle FordShale in south Texas has companies looking to hire.

On Wednesday at a job fair in Floresville, several oil companies, like Pinnergy Inc., were looking to fill hundreds of new opening.

Pinnergy Inc. was primarily looking for qualified truck drivers.

We are not finding enough (qualified applicants). I ll tell you that, said Max Mullins of Pinnergy Inc.

Many job seekers, like Charles Upchurch, despite having no experience in the oil industry found several potential opportunities.

I thought, well, a job fair in Floresville maybe it s not going to be that big, said Upchurch. But I qualify for more than I thought I would come into this job fair.

Charlie Moke of Alamo Workforce Solutions said many job seekers have yet to realize the wide reaching impact this oil boom will have.

One of things that we've noticed almost immediately is this is becoming a catalyst for so many other industries, not just oil and gas production, said Moke. It's going to be all the resources up and down stream - your restaurants, your hotels, your houses - across the board are going to grow with this.

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