In her second grade classroom at Henry B. Gonzalez Elementary in the Edgewood Independent School District, Irene Orr is on a mission. She wants to make sure her young students grow up to be better prepared than she was when she graduated high school.

Edgewood Independent School District where she herself graduated and has dedicated herself for 30 years to making students are ready for the future.

When I went to college believe it or not my parents left me at Texas Lutheran College with $20 and told me that was enough for a couple of months. two senior girls came by and took me to the financial aid office. They gave me enough money to get books and after that I said I'm going to go back to the district and make sure our kids are ready, prepared, said Orr.

So she returned to the

I want everyone to get a higher education. I felt coming back to the district I can help out because I'm one of them, Orr explained.

Ms. Orr tells us to work hard and not to stop, said second grader Albert Escobedo.

She always tells us we have to try harder, we can do it, said fellow second grader Jiselle Estrade.

She tells us to go to college so we can learn more, said second grader Desiree Arriola.

I have some kids who want to be veterinarians, teachers, lawyers and I hope they reach their dream, said Orr.

They will all have a much better plan to reach those dreams, thanks to Irene Orr.

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