San Antonio police and about 85 motorcyclists escorted two bussesfilled with Air Force members. They're men and women in basic training at Lackland Air Force Base. They ended up at Javelina Harley-Davison in Boerne.

Frances Pickard is with the Hill Country Chapter of Harley-Davidson.Pickardalong with 60 other members of the motorcycle community volunteered to serve up a traditional Thanksgivingmeal. We have so many retired military members in our chapter and it's something they love to do. We just enjoy having these troops so much, said Pickard.

TMOBILE offered free cell phone service. We take so much for granted and we can call home anytime. Just to see it makes you appreciate your family even more. That one phone call makes their whole day, said Anna Cadena with TMOBILE.

TMOBILE sent the Airmen off with lots of candy. This year we decided to make sure we had plenty of candy, because that's the number one request, chocolate, said Cadena.

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