KINGWOOD, Texas -- A popular Kingwood Park High former social studies teacher and football coach has been charged with having an inappropriate relationship with a student.

Zachary Harlan, 35, resigned from the school back in November 2013. That s when the accusations surfaced, and he was placed on administrative leave.

Parents had received a letter informing them about the accusations against Harlan.

Harlan has been arrested more than two months later and is now officially charged with the crime.

He s innocent until proven guilty, said parent Amy Hogan. It doesn t change my stance until I hear everything. I don t know what to think.

Parents and students have been defending Harlan since the allegations surfaced.

Harlan is accused of having sex with a 17-year-old senior girl back in October 2013.

Documents describe an on-going relationship that began with flirtatious emails and conversations. Harlan reportedly admitted to the school s principal that it escalated into something inappropriate.

Prosecutors say Harlan told the principal in a written statement:

I allowed her to become attached to me on a personal level, and I allowed myself to do the same...And I even met her off campus. Our roles began to change as I began to take on a caregiver role, and she began to rely on me more.

It went on to say:

At times my relationship with [ ] got carried away, and I allowed it to go too far.

Documents also detail e-mails between the former teacher and student. Some of the information is too graphic to publish or air on TV.

In one e-mail, the girl wrote, in part:

I guess I m not used to a guy telling me that we should play the safe route. I don t want our relationship to run short either.

According to documents, Harlan replied, in part:

Well, I play the safe route because I m not in it to just get mine and move on. Trust me, I want to do a lot of things, but it s important to me that we continue to have these opportunities.

Harlan s neighbors say, from the outside, he appeared to be a happily married man raising young children. However, they also acknowledge that times have changed.

I can t say I m completely surprised in this day and age. Things happen, not saying it s right, said neighbor Mark Weldon.

Harlan is now charged with felony improper relationship with a student. He was released from jail on a $10,000 bond.

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