DALLAS North Texas stores were crowded on Christmas Eve for the final hours of holiday shopping.

Those stores were preparing to finally close their doors after many stayed open around the clock to accommodate last-minute shoppers.

Meanwhile, delivery drivers raced to get holiday packages delivered, still trying to catch up on the ice storm backlog.

UPS went to some very unusual lengths on Tuesday, turning to rental trucks to get some of those those packages out.

In some North Texas neighborhoods, UPS commandeered golf carts to expedite neighborhood deliveries in Dallas and Frisco.

The UPS customer service center in Northwest Dallas remained open after five p.m. to try and match waiting packages with frustrated gift-givers.

You try to call the numbers, everybody puts you on hold; you try talk to the manager, the manager wants to point the finger at someone else, said Jermaine Rayson, just one of the customers trying to find his package. It's like no one's held accountable for what they're supposed to do.

Rayson kept calling UPS while waiting in line, and becoming very familiar with the music that's played for callers on hold.

I paid extra money to get it so I could go get my kids Christmas gifts, Rayson said. I talked to my kids on Sunday and I sat down and told them, 'Daddy is going to talk to Santa Claus; Santa is on his way.

With Christmas morning only hours away, UPS still has not been able to clear the backlog of packages caused by the ice storm nearly three weeks ago. Workers from across the United States are now in North Texas working around the clock.

A lot of times we will supplant that delivery fleet with rental trucks, alternative modes of transportation such as pedicabs, that sort of thing... anything necessary to get the job done, said UPS spokeswoman Natalie Black.

Rental trucks could be seen at the UPS distribution facility, and we even saw drivers swapping trucks for golf carts, delivering packages door-to-door and resupplying from a storage pod parked in the neighborhood.

To me, that's ridiculous, Rayson said. You shouldn't have to use a U-Haul truck or a Penske truck to deliver postage that s supposed to be UPS.

UPS says it's all hands on deck, and say they will deliver the packages by any means necessary.

UPS has suspended ground delivery guarantees during the holidays, something they say is industry practice at this time of year.

At NorthPark Center in Dallas, hundreds of North Texans raced to get those last-minute gifts.

Most area malls, Kohl's and Bust Buy were scheduled to close at 6 p.m. Christmas Eve; many Walmart stores will close at 8 p.m.; Target stores were planning to remain open until 10 p.m.

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