The hair industry is big business, but when a local woman spent serious bucks and got something she didn't pay for -- or want -- she called Eyewitness Wants to Know.

Nannette Gange wanted longer hair... now. So she bought the best hair extensions Daisy Beauty Supply had.

They cost almost $175.

They were made of real human hair, matching her own hair color. When she went to her mother's, Gagne took out the extensions to show her.

What she saw on the real hair was real lice.

Gagne took the lice, or actually nits, the eggs from lice, to her child's school nurse to have them identified. The nurse verified her fears. The prognosis had her jumping out of her skin.

So, Gagne took the extensions back to Daisy. They initially agreed to an exchange.

But, Gagne said she was concerned that the new extensions would also be infected with nits.

Eyewitness Wants to Know paid Daisy's owner, Jay Cho, a visit. Cho said he has never had a complaint like this one. He said if Gagne had been a little more polite all of this could have been avoided. He said he wants to make sure all his customers leave happy.

Cho agreed to give Gagne a full refund.

When something is bugging you, talk to people the way you would want to be spoken to.

But if something has your hair in a dander, call Eyewitness Wants to Know at 210-377-8652, or email us at

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