It's a problem that has plagued our city for years. \

San Antonio consistently ranks among the worst cities in the country when it comes to obesity, but a new effort may finally whip San Antonio into shape.

That's because the newest effort is backed by more than $15 million in federal stimulus money.

Mayor Julian Castrosays there has never been these kind of resources committed to San Antonio's health.

Part of the $15 million in grant money will go to programs that encourage kids to exercise, some will go to a ride-to-own bicycle program, and some will pay to expand healthier food options at schools.

Thiseffort, however; is not just geared toward kids. Much of the $15 million will go to improving city parks and encouraging adults to be more physically active.

City officials say it's an investment that 's good for the bottom line.

If we are a healthier city, we are also an economically more prosperous city and we're a city that folks are more likely to invest good jobs in so it helps us all the way around, said Castro.

However, the mayor added for this plan to work, this time the city needs to do more than listen. This time, the city needs to move.
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