SAN ANTONIO -- A San Antonio man was two vehicles behind the truck that crashed into the Henderson Pass overpass.

He and other passengers jumped out of their vehicles to make sure everyone was OK. They then started clearing the area.

Philip Murray was one car behind the semi that slammed into the overpass on the southbound lanes of US 281 just past Loop 1604.

I saw a big plume of smoke and as it settled, you can tell what happened, Murray said.

Murray stopped his car, got out, made sure everyone was OK, recorded some footage on his cell phone and then opted to clean up the debris on the highway.

After just a few seconds, I got out of the car and noticed somebody had gotten out of their car as well and started to walk up to it and the other gentleman ran out toward the truck, and he saw that everybody was OK, and so me and two other guys started cleaning the road, he said.

After a few minutes, Murray let crews do the cleaning. He said he was just happy he was there when it happened to help lend a hand.

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