A young man is accused of luring a teenage boy into prostitution. The victim claimed he's part of a notorious Texas gang known for human trafficking.

According to the arrest warrant for 19-year-old John Pugh, the victim claims he was forced into prostitution as some sort of initiation into the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas.

Pugh was arrested Tuesday on several sex trafficking charges.

Texas DPS investigators said in early 2012, Pugh met a 16-year-old boy at an apartment complex on the city's north side.

That victim claims Pugh, also known as Little John, forced him into prostitution. He said he had sex with various men in exchange for drugs or money.

Investigators said initially the victim refused, but then he gave in when he suffered from drug withdrawal.

According to the warrant, the victim believed that Pugh was part of the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas and that he was being prospected for membership.

This alleged relationship happened shortly before federal officials dealt a devastating blow to the Aryan Brotherhood in November.

Thirty-four members, including five from San Antonio, were arrested on a number of federal charges alleging that they ran a violent organized crime ring in and out of federal and state prisons for decades.

According to Texas DPS officials, gang members view trafficking and compelling prostitution as low-risk crimes where they can use the same victims over and over to turn a profit.

The warrant doesn't state whether Pugh was part of that multi-year investigation.

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