SAN ANTONIO -- Caroline Whitaker and her husband have lived in their home for 11 years. Her husband's health forced them to decide to sell the home, then something bad happened.

The roof started leaking. Having just seen a handyman's ad in the newspaper which said he could repair leaky roofs, Caroline called Andres Home Improvements.

Andres Soto showed up, assured the Whitakers he could repair both the roof and the ceiling and they agreed to a price. Being very trusting, Whitaker cut Soto a check for the full $1800 price tag. Soto said he would start the next day.

The next day Soto didn't show up. Whitaker said when she called Soto, he promised to be there the next day. Again, Whitaker said Soto was a no show. Starting to feel concerned, Whitaker called Soto the next day and told her they had changed their minds and wanted to cancel the entire contract.

Soto said they could cancel the contract and he would refund the full amount. Whitaker said Soto said he would send the check by certified mail.

Whitaker waited a week and the check never showed. She said when she called Soto he said the certified letter came back because he mailed it to the wrong address.

He said he would send it again. Again, the check didn't show. This time Soto wouldn't answer Whitaker's phone calls.

A week or so went by and Whitaker was able to get in contact with Soto. He said he was going to have his daughter drop it off within a day or two. Whitaker waited 4 days, then called Eyewitness Wants To Know.

We called and had to leave a message on Soto's two listed phone numbers. He did call back and gave us the same stories he had given Whitaker. But Soto did promise Whitaker would have he money by Tuesday July 23. It never arrived. That's when we drove to Soto's home.

No one answered after we knocked several times. We left a card on the door with our cell phone number, but no one called. When we phoned Whitaker to tell her we couldn't get in touch with Soto, she said she was going to file theft charges with police.

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