A James Madison High School student is being punished for making a funny face in her school photo. As a result, school officials have decided not to print her picture in the yearbook.

15-year-old Charlie Patton says she made a weird face because she was trying to make people smile. On photo day, she said the photographer hesitated before taking the snapshot.

The camera girl looked at my mom and said, 'You alright with that, mom?' Patton recalls. My mom said, 'Sure, of course.'

But administrators didn't approve of the image. School officials are comparing her expression in her school picture to gang signs.

Northeast ISD school officials released a statement to KENS 5 that read, Since the yearbook represents the school and the students, the goal is to have every student presented in the best light... Students who make inappropriate faces or gestures or who do not follow the school dress code in their yearbook photos are asked to retake their photo free of charge.

Patton, who is also active in the school's drama department, says she was never asked to retake her picture.

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