State Representative James White hopes a new bill he's proposed will help more high school students across the state handle guns properly.

It would give schools the choice to offer a class, taught by a certified concealed handgun license instructor or peace officer, on how safely touse guns like pistols, revolvers and shotguns.

Gabriel Rivera, a Douglas MacArthur High School student, believes the classes could stop tragedies like the one at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

It's not who can use it, bad or good. It's who can use it properly, said Rivera. It think it's a good way for people to be safe with weapons and guns in general.

But should guns be in the hands of students, some of whom are barely even teenagers? Peggy Weyel says yes. She runs a hunter education program for children as young as nine.

I've hunted with several of the grandchildren of the people who have been on leases with. And those kiddos are some of the safest hunters I've ever seen, states Weyel.

But she knows that even with all the training in the world, you can't control what people do once that training ends.

We can verify and certify that they have received the proper instruction, the skills, knowledge and hopefully an attitude, a positive attitude. But we cannot guarantee that they're going to practice that once they leave the classroom. We can only hope, says Weyel.

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