SAN ANTONIO -- Patricia Jones moved into The Artisan at Salado Falls Apartment Homes two years ago. Almost three months ago, she started having water issues.

The flooding led to mold, which has left a musty smell. In 1997, Jones was hit by a drunk driver. She never fully recovered and uses oxygen. She said the musty smell in her apartment is affecting her health.

I don't need to be living like this, I don't live like this, said Jones. Why couldn't they move me like they did everybody else?

Jones claims tenants below experienced similar issues and were moved two weeks ago.

Managers at the property in the 3700 block of Binz-Engleman Road refused to comment.

On Monday, Jones said management refused to work with her and called police, saying she was being disruptive.

Jones reported the apartment issues to the San Antonio Housing Authority. A spokesperson tells KENS5 they are reviewing the situation.

Jones said management has offered her free rent for February and agreed to reimburse her for a hotel stay, but she just wants a different apartment.

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