SAN ANTONIO We were expecting to see Christopher last night, and when he didn t respond to our texts my wife started to worry, said Stephen Enrique, who received news Wednesday morning that his stepson had been shot and killed just blocks from their home.

Police said 18-year-old Christopher Hinojos was killed while trying to stop a man from stealing his car.

Enriquez said, We don t understand what happened. There s been a lot of speculation, but there s nothing concrete that I can say or that police could actually tell me as well.

Hinojos family said the young man had just gotten off of work after his first day on the job at an office supply store.

Police reports indicate the teen was seen at 11 p.m., struggling with a man in front of a home in the 300 block of Allendale Oaks. Witnesses say Hinojos was shot in the hand by the suspect who was stealing the teenager s car.

When the young man went to a neighbor for help, neighbors said they watched the suspect come back to deliver several more fatal shots, killing Hinojos on a doorstep.

I heard several more loud pops. It sounded like what I thought was gunfire. I looked outside and I saw a car driving away very quickly, spinning tires, said neighbor Justin Bingham.

Right now we re looking at several possibilities of what might have happened there, said San Antonio Police Chief Bill McManus.

Police said the search is on for the teenager s stolen 2001 brown Camry, with license plate number BZ4G811.

As For Hinojos family... they said it is a search for justice, too.

Enriquez said, Nobody wins. This is a tragic story no matter how you look at it. But ultimately I believe that justice will be done.

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