The Bexar County district attorney is encouraging state lawmakers to make it mandatory for bars and restaurants to stock non-alcoholic beer and wine.

District Attorney Susan Reedhopes the measure will cut down on the number of DWI-related incidents.

This legislationwould be the first of its kind.

The DA's Office says giving people more options will help them feel like part of the crowd.

Highlander's barowner Mike Specia is not a fan of the proposal. He says those beverages will just collect dust on his shelves. Specia feels it's yet another way the government would intrude on his business.

I don't think thatgiventhe option of having non-alcoholic wine is going to be any different than a club soda with a lime in it, he said.

The DA's Office will find a sponsor for the bill when the Texas legislature convenes next week.

Is this a cure-all? No. It's not a cure-all to driving while intoxicated, but it is something that we hope will encourage people to drink responsibly, said Bexar County Assistant District Attorney Cliff Herberg.

Drinking has a social component to it, he added. People want to feel like part of the group.

The San Antonio Restaurant Association did not want to comment at this time.

Herberg said the DA's Office will continue its push for DWI checkpoints in Texas.Texas is one of 12 states that does not have them.

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