SAN ANTONIO -- The General Land Office says the Daughters of the Republic of Texas has been asked to vacate the Alamo, although management of the landmark will remain unchanged.

The Daughters is still unaffected, GLO spokesman Mark Loeffler said. This has nothing to do with the management of the Alamo.

The GLO was granted authority over the Alamo in 2011, and has since taken inventory of items in the complex to determine either state or private ownership.

Loeffler explained the GLO determined The Daughters' Alamo Missions Chapter should not have exclusive access and storage space at the Alamo, given that other private historical entities don't have the right to keep private belongings in the Alamo.

Many items, including lighting fixtures and furniture identified as chapter property, have already been removed, according to a GLO press release.

The press release was distrubuted on Friday after an article published by the Express News, in which, Alamo Missions Chapter president Sharon Skrobarcek was quoted telling members via e-mail:

While this is a sad time for us, please remember who we are! We have a purpose, history, dedication and love of our grand state.

DRT President General Karen Thompson confirmed to KENS 5 that the e-mail was sent to Alamo Mission Chapter members but refused further comment. She said the chapter will release a statement at some point on the matter.

Loeffler said the chapter has been given 90 days to remove all of its property, but still maintains rights to hold chapter meeting in Alamo Hall.

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