A 12-year-old gymnast faces a long road to recovery after she said a grown man fell on her at a San Antonio trampoline park over the weekend.

Oh God, please tell me I didn't break it, said Kim Bosquez, when recalling the accident that left her with a fractured left tibia and a severely sprained right ankle.

Witnesses at Amazing Jump trampoline park said a man who weighed between 200 and 240 pounds accidentally fell on Kim's legs while he attempted a back flip.

You go in with some expectation of supervision and safety. To me, they're eliminating all liability. To me it's like a free-for-all in there, said Kim's stepfather, Mark Greer.

Greer said he and his wife told Kim she couldn't go because they feared for her safety, but they gave in after she continued to pressure them.

Own up and take some responsibility, added Greer, who said he has been unable to get the owner of the trampoline park on the phone.

When reached for comment Monday afternoon, a manager for Amazing Jump told KENS 5 that Kim's story is a gross exaggeration of what happened.

The manager added that Kim filled out a liability waiver signed by someone claiming to be a legal guardian.

Kim's stepfather said her friend's 19-year-old brother signed the release.

Kim was scheduled to undergo a CT scan Tuesday morning. Her stepfather said doctors are concerned she may have a fractured knee as well.

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