How's this for bizarre: a public bathroom with completely see-through walls!

You can only see from the inside out. But people giving it a go in Sulphur Springs say, it's still a little weird!

It's modeled after an Italian artist's exhibit that also features a see-through bathroom.

One by one Sulphur Springs residents gave the all glass bathroom a whirl. It's the first of its kind in the United States, where you can pretty much see the crowd hanging outside.

They may look like they are watching you, but thanks to the finely-engineered craftsmanship, they can't see you.

I was excited about it. I think it's just really unique, and I've been standing outside long enough to know that I could not see in, said resident Meredith Caddell. So, it wasn't too bad, but it was strange when you had four men standing there looking in the door. But they couldn't see me.

There are a couple of things that had to be changed in order for the restrooms to meet code.

There's no steel frame holding up the architectural exhibit, and so this has a stainless steel frame inside, explained City Manager Marc Maxwell. And the other one had see-through glass on all four walls, and this one has it on three. We had to have a place to hide all the plumbing and air-conditioning and heating. This is heated and cooled, unlike the one that the artist did. So this meets code, for one, and it's a lot more durable, I think, in the long run.

The city says for citizens wondering if the restrooms are safe to have on the square should take comfort in the nine cameras keeping tabs on what's going on outside the facility.

And they're all monitored at the police department, Maxwell added. And they're all recorded in high-definition color. Trust me. This is the last place a creep wants to hang out.

The city says they have already received calls from all over, asking about the restrooms.

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