At Southwest Elementary students are already thinking about college. Their Language Arts teacher, Nanette Guadiano, has them working on college ready habits.

I want every one of my students to go to college, said Guadiano.

Her classroom is a place where imagination thrives.

Let's see who can come up with the most creative story, Guadiano encourages her students.

I like writing poems and making up things, said Fourth grader Isabel Stokes.

Guadiano teaches third, fourth and fifth graders reading and language arts.

After graduating from college, she worked in retail until she found her true calling.

When I had my two girls I realized the amazing potential each child has and I decided I wanted to work in that field, Guadiano said.

Now every day she helps her young students realize that potential.

My goal for each child is for each of them to recognize they have an innate gift, she explained.

I've been learning a lot from her to probably become a poet or a writing person or something like that, said Fourth grader Dominic Vega.

I challenge them daily. I'm teaching them to be thinkers.

We want to strive everyday to work at the deeper analytical thinking processes because that's what makes them successful later on in life, said Guadiano.

This teacher is preparing her students for a lifetime of learning and growing, her gift discovered in motherhood.

I feel like a mother to 25 kids every 90 minutes. They're just amazing, smiled Guadiano.

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