Grace Bernal just wants what her insurance company paid for: a new roof on her home.

After Bernal's home suffered hail damage in February her insurance company issued her a check for almost $4,500 to replace the shingles.

A contractor who was already working in her home recommended Hyatt's Roofing.

Bernal met with Clayton Hyatt, who said he could do the job for the amount the insurance company was willing to pay.

According to Bernal, the first time Hyatt asked for the check she told him, No, you haven't done the job yet, and I need to check you out.

A few days later Bernal says she had time to check on Hyatt and found nothing shady, so after he showed her the shingles he would use she felt comfortable signing over the insurance check.

She says she hasn't seen Hyatt since and has only spoken with him a couple of times.

Bernal says every time she spoke with Hyatt he had a different excuse for why he hadn't shown up, and another promise to be there the next Monday.

That Monday apparently hasn't come yet, which is why she called Eyewitness Wants To Know.

We went by Hyatt's home, but he wasn't there.

Hyatt's wife was, though. She said she would let him know we stopped by.

About an hour after our visit Hyatt called and promised to be at Bernal's to get started on her job by Friday September 21 or Monday the 24th at the latest.

We'll let you know if he shows up.

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