Kenedy police are on the lookout for a suspect that brutally stabbed a man to death. They say he is still on the loose and may be on foot.

Early Sunday morning 24-year-old David Gonzalez was stabbed to death on Evans Street in Kenedy, Texas. Investigators believe he was giving a woman a ride home and was parked in front of her house when he was attacked by Alfredo Vanegas.

One witness said that Gonzalez got out of his car holding his neck, stumbled onto the curb and collapsed.His car was still in reverse and it backed-up, hitting two other cars.

I see the young guy come out with his hand over his neck and he was bleeding and bleeding, said the woman who called 9-1-1. She didn t want to be identified.

Police have a warrant out for Alfredo Vanegas and the accomplice he was with at the time.Witnesses told authorities the two fled on foot leaving their red four-door pickup behind.

This is Kenedy s first murder this year and neither the suspects or the victim are from Kenedy. Police Chief Duanne Dubose said with the oil rush going on locals and workers may not see things eye to eye.

Somebody may say something and from where they come from that may be tolerable that may be acceptable.Here that may not be. We re going to seea lot more of that, Dubose added.

The chief says that Vanegas could face up to 99 years in prison for murder . He believes the suspect may be headed back to Floresville where he is from.

Police say that Vanegas and the woman in the car with Gonzalez had a past relationship and have a child together.

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