SAN ANTONIO -- After co-founding Rackspace, Morris Miller is returning to San Antonio with his new company, Xenex.

Formerly based in Austin, Xenex boasts a Star Wars-looking Machine that can disinfect a hospital room within five minutes, without using any chemicals.

The machine, which costs a hefty $80,000, uses Xenon light flashes to kill bacteria and viruses. It's already been used by hospitals like Cooley Dickenson in North Hampton, Massachusetts.

I think what they see in San Antonio is a strong bio-sciences and health care sector, Mayor Julian Castro said. It doesn't hurt also that the founder is from San Antonio.

Miller points out that while the machine is an expensive investment, it's cheaper and more effective than cleaning by hand.

$3 a room is less expensive than the current chemicals that they're using, Miller said.

As a safety precaution because Xenon light causes sunburn, the machine shuts off when it senses a person in the room.

On average, about 100,000 deaths are attributed to infections acquired to hospitals, annually. That's where Xenex is hoping to really change things.

We know Xenex saves lives, Morris said.
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