FREDERICKSBURG -- Alamo Heights High School'saero science class are joining about 45 other high schools this weekend in a program called Systems Go that will launch 75 rockets near Fredericksburg.

Brett Williams is the director for Systems Go and the instructor at Fredricksburg High School, where the program was started in 1996. He said it is a great learning tool and has several success stories of former students who pursued engineering careers.

The Alamo Heights rocket launched a mile high on Thursday with a payload of a pound of ribs stacked in the nosecone.

We have the ribs stacked up there to see if the force of the rocket going up is going to rip off the meat, said Alamo Heights senior Alexander Komet.

They re first launch ran into some problems with the igniters and didn t look good. After a restart, the rocket made it off the launch pad but the corkscrewed off at an angle.

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