SAN ANTONIO -- John Evans was accustomed to watching his 52 Mitsubishi television set. It's the set Evans owned for a decade, until earlier this year when the television suddenly stopped working.

Needing help, Evans decided to take the television to the only locally owned business he knew of that could fix the problem - The T.V. Shop.

I had used that shop once before, for a check-up on the television set, Evans said.

When employees from the television shop picked up the television for repair, they told Evans it would be back in 2-4 days. After days of radio silence, Evans called the store on the fifth day only to find out the bank foreclosed The T.V. Shop and changed the store's locks.

I can't see mine, but I see others, Evans said.

We spoke with a representative at the bank, telling them about Evans' problem. Within days, Evans notified us that he met someone with the bank at The T.V. Shop and picked up his television.

Bessie Reece wasn't worried when she dropped off her SUV at Star Automotive. Reece's vehicle was waiting on warranty issues with the transmission. But after a month without any word from the mechanic, Reece called us and that's when we visited the shop.

Owner Manny Garcia acknowledged Reece's frustration, but said he was overwhelmed with a heavy workload. Garcia said he would prioritize Reece's vehicle, making sure it was done by the end of the week.

When Reece got her SUV back, a week after Garcia said it would be finished, things went south again. Less than a week into having the vehicle back, the transmission failed again.

Upon running our story, we received 3-4 other complaints on Star Automotive.

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