An 8-year-old girl ran away from home and caused a major search for 3 hours, say local authorities.Dakota Hendricks says her mother made her mad because she was being punished. So she decided she was going to leave home.

She called 911 because she was being punished. Because her mommy was being mean, said the girl's mom.

Cynthia Jarvissays she started a search for her daughterwith about 20 people from the neighborhood, and thenSan Antonio police got involved as well.Aboutfive officers were searching on the ground and a police chopper searched overhead.

Dakota says she heard the search going on for her.

I was worried they would arrest me, Dakota said.

Jarvis saidDakota is in a special ed class at school and she was extremely stressed out for the time her daughter went missing.

After several hours Dakota came out from hiding after the police had left the scene.She said she was hiding in some bushes. But, she said she has learned her lesson.

She said, It s not safe to runaway and there could be pedophiles.

Her mom says she thinks Dakota may have hidden somewhere and then fell asleep.

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