SAN ANTONIO -- A tree blocks a stop sign near a bus stop where an elderly couple lost their lives in a car crash Tuesday evening. Neighbors say that intersection has needed improvements for a long time.

But neighbors who live near the 4100 block of Briarcrest say the tree is not the only issue.

They say the speed limit along Jung Road is 35 mph, but drivers go much faster than that.

Residents say a four-way stop or traffic light may be the answer.

Eugene and Lee Ann Ferguson had just returned from the grocery store via the bus. They lived less than a block away from the site of their death.

Police say the driver of an SUV failed to stop at the stop sign and hit a truck, and thattruck hit the Fergusons.

One man ran to help the couple but there was little he could do.

On March 28 Code Enforcement placed a notice at the door of the home where the overhanging tree stands, but that home is vacant.

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