SAN ANTONIO -- Gerri Richardson said she is counting her blessings that she wasn't late to Bible study on Monday night. She couldhave been crushed by a flying car.

About 10 minutes after Bible study had started at Wayside Chapel, Richardson and other church members said they heard a loud bang in the parking lot. They went outside and found an SUV had crushed a handful of cars and rolled onto several more.

Castle Hills police said a Ford Expedition driving westbound on Loop 410 veered off the road and ramped the curb around 8 p.m. The SUV went airborne and crash landed on almost a dozen cars in the church parking lot at 1705 NW Loop 410frontage road.

The driver, a woman in her 20s, was taken to University Hospital with life threatening injuries, police said. Two passengers were also taken to the hospital, and a fourth passenger, a 15-year-old boy, allegedly ran away from the crash.

From the church parking lot, Richardson gave a play by play of what had occurred. She said the young woman driving the car hit that red car, skipped and hit this one, landed on mine and bounced over several other cars. Ten cars were involved.

She also explained that the car crushed the passenger side of he car, right where her son sits. Thank God, however, that he was at a baseball game.

God spared his life. And God spared my life, she said.

Other church members said they were amazing the driver and passengers could survive such a wreck.

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