GONZALES-- The City of Gonzales works with a $21 million budget and recently found an account with more than $250,000.

The money came from sewer bills for a time as the city prepared for major renovations for its wastewater treatment plant.

We did some backtracking and found out what the money was for and took it to council, said City Manager AllenBarnes. We're changing the signature cards and we're going to have access to the money.

The money will still go to wastewater treatment plant projects and the city is working to make sure this doesn't happen again.

The new finance director was in the process of reviewing financial records and came across the account.

It is odd. We have not found anymore money, said Barnes. We're still looking for anything tht is out of the ordinary. We've hired a new auditor to look at the city's books from a new set of eyes.

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