HOUSTON The family of the missing Taco Bell employee whose remains were found in Fort Bend Countysaid they had been suspicious of her husband all along.Isabel Alvarado s family said the mother of four suffered years of abuse.

Carlos Alvarado was arrested and charged Sunday with his wife s murder.

Isabel Alvarado, 39, was last seen after locking up a Taco Bell on Highway 6 around 3:15 a.m. on March 30.When she didn t come home after working her late-night shift, the family knew something was wrong.

At first we did suspect that he did something, but at the time there was so many questions and no answers, so we couldn t really start pointing fingers, the victim s niece, Marissa Ramirez said.

Other relatives also couldn t understand why the mother would just disappear.

Family members said they were suspicious because Carlos Alvarado was not around when everyone searched for his missing wife.

When he came over we hugged him, we told him Carlos, where s my sister, he said I don t know, we need to find her. When we found out that he hurt her, we didn t know what to do, the victim s sister, Leticia Zavala said.

Texas Equusearch founder, Tim Miller said he wasn t surprised when the husband was arrested, based on his conversations with the family.

He would stalk her; he would stalk her at work. He was a very, very jealous man. And he should be in Hollywood being an actor for the way that he acted through this whole thing, Miller added.

According to family members, Carlos Alvarado admitted he choked his wife, then took her toa relative s home on Philadelphia Street in Fresno, where heallegedly burned her.

Awoman at that home, who claimed to know Alvarado told KHOU 11 News she couldn t say anything because of the ongoing investigation.

The victim s family said they were in shock.

We re devastated because he was a part of the family and we feel betrayed. After so many years -- 20 plus years he was a father to four kids and a husband and an uncle that we saw as a friendly and caring person. But, apparently, he s been someone that we never knew, Ramirez said.

An autopsy was to be performed to determine if the remainswere that of the missing mother, but the family feels it is her.

The family is in mourning, not only for themselves, but for the four children who have possibly lost both a mother and a father.
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