SAN ANTONIO -- Six months after an allegedgun-wielding burglar forced his way into a south San Antonio home, jail records show he's under arrest.

According to an arrest warrant, Jonte Tate and an unidentified man went to a home in the 10700 block of Musket Drive in September, but didn't find the man they were looking for.

Instead, a53-year-old man answered the door and told Tate that his son was not home, police said, which caused Tate to react violently.

According to the warrant, Tate put a gun to the man's forehead and forced his was inside the home, saying tell your son not to mess with my family.

Witnesses inside the house told police the confrontation could have something to do with a Child Protective Services investigation into an 8-year-old girl who babysat an infant about a month before the home invasion.

Police said Tate was romantically involved with the ex-wife of the man he was seeking.

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