Duringthe second day of testimony, prosecutors used defendant Jon Thomas Ford's buddy to poke holes in his alibi that he was home alone at the time his ex-girlfriend, Dana Clair Edwards, was strangled to death in 2009.

They used to hang out together, the four of them. Now the other couple is speaking out about their distrust for the man accused of killing their friend, his ex.

Melissa Federspill says Edwards confided in her that she had misgivings about her ex-boyfriend in the months after their breakup.

He seemed upset and during the time that she was with him, she felt like he had drank a lot, and she was worried, she testified.

Federspill told jurors she didn't buy Thomas Ford's story about his whereabouts the night of Edward's murder.

Neither did close friend Alan Tarver.

Party pictures show Edwards and the rest of the gang in the hours before her death, drinking and playing cards on New Year's Eve.

Prosecutors contend Ford later strangled her at her home.

Ford maintains he got bored with the party, and went home early to go to bed. But Tarver and Federspill both told the jury that they went by Ford's home to drop off a cooler of beer Ford had left behind. Only they couldn't find Ford's SUV in the parking lot. Their friendship became a casualty.

I stopped talking to him, or stopped calling, or stopped reaching out to him because of the differences of what he had said and what I had seen, said Tarver. I just wasn't comfortable continuing to talk about it, so I just stopped.

Ford's attorneys get a shot at cross-examining Ms. Federspill Friday morning.

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