Hunters on the Nooner Ranch aren t letting their guard down after a mountain lion was shot Wednesday north of D Hanis in Medina County.

Misti Foster, a cook at the hunting ranch, first spotted the cougar.She says it was running away from her on a dirt road in between two fences.

I was driving down the lane in between the gates and saw this object running in front of me, Foster said, Thought it was actually a baby fawn. And then it's tale swung around and realized holy cow it s a big ol' mountain lion!

Gene Naquin, the ranch manager, came out and took out the two- year-old cougar.

He was full stride, and when I shot him he jumped up in the air about this tall, spun around and then kept running about 15 yards and then made another dash and then just fell, Naquin said.

They say they think there may be more in the area due to the fact that this cat was young.

Naquin says cubs usually stay with their mother for a year and a half, and from the looks of it, this one was probably on its own for about six months.

Their range is about 15 miles he says, so it may have had siblings and they may not be far off.

Officer Jorge Tamayo, a game warden with Texas Parks and Wildlife, showed up at the ranch on Friday to investigate.

Tamayo said they wanted to make sure thehunting guides at the business had a hunting license. He said that they received calls that the animal was hit by a car.

All we're trying to do is do a sound investigation and go from there, Tamayo said.

After his investigation they found there were no violations with the killing at the hunting lease.

Tamayo says there is no season for hunting cougars. He also said there have been several cougar sightings in the area, and a picture was taken of a cougar near Hondo.

Mountain lions have always been here. They re in their natural habitat, and what s happening is we re just getting an influx of people moving into the county. So there s going to be a higher probability that a mountain lion will be sighted, says Tamayo.

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