Are the Dallas Cowboys still America's Team? A new national survey says that title, first bestowed on the Cowboys in the 1970s, now belongs to another team.

According to a Public Policy Polling survey, 22 percent of voters said the Green Bay Packers are their favorite team. The Cowboys were second with half of that amount: 11 percent.

After that, it was 8 percent for the Chicago Bears, New York Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers; 7 percent for the New Orleans Saints; 6 percent for the New England Patriots; 4 percent for the Washington Redskins; and 2 percent for the New York Jets. Beyond that, 24 percent named another team or didn't have a favorite.

The Cowboys did lead in some other categories, though. The survey showed that 41 percent of voters have a negative opinion of the team (compared to 29 percent having a favorable opinion.) And 22 percent listed the Cowboys as their least favorite team. That makes the Cowboys America's least liked team -- or perhaps their favorite villain.

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