For University of Texas San Antonio student Kristen Cooper, the last few days have been tough physically and emotionally. That s because she said she was assaulted by two men and claims it was all due to her being gay.

Just still in shock and I m trying really hard not to cry, but nothing like this should happen to anybody, said Cooper. They (doctors) said I have a concussion, contusion and whiplash.

Cooper said she was at a Halloween party over the weekend at a northwest San Antonio apartment complex when attacked. She claims she was waiting for a ride when two men at the party punched her, drug her into their truck and drove off while allegedly punching her some more.

It was bad, it hurt really bad, it was like full fist and I tried to fight them off, but I couldn t, said Cooper.

Cooper said the men eventually dropped her off near 1604. Without a phone she claims she walked along the roadway until someone spotted her and called 911. Cooper said the only thing the men knew about her was that she was gay and during the beating she claims they were calling her anti-homosexual slurs. That s why it leads her to believe it happened for one reason.

I just think it was a hate crime against me, said Cooper.

San Antonio Police said they are currently investigating the incident as an assault, but can t confirm at this time if it was truly a hate crime.
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