SANANTONIO -- Nearly 6,000 untested rape kits sit on the shelves of the San Antonio Police Department s evidence room.

In the coming months, SAPD will send these kits to the Texas Department of Public Safety as part of a soon-to-be state law aimed at testing all the state s untested rape kits.

All of SAPD s untested kits are from cases where Chief William McManus said there is no question about who s the suspect.

We will not test those samples, because we already have the suspect, McManus explained.

Despite knowing the suspect s identity, all of those kits will soon have to be tested because of the passage of a bill written by Fort Worth state Sen. Wendy Davis.

We are (currently) not doing what we need to do for the victim or the person accused of these crimes, Davis said.

State lawmakers contend the DNA evidence from known rape cases could reveal a serial rapist.

I think it's possible, McManus said.

The San Antonio Police Chief said his department, however, doesn't have the estimated $5 million it would take to test all of its untested kits, which is why it will turn them over to the state.

However, the state doesn't have the money either.

The Texas Department of Public Safety will be applying for federal funding to help pay to test the kits, because without the funding, this soon-to-be law will do nothing more than move kits from one shelf to another.

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