SANANTONIO -- A rabies outbreak has Kerrville city officials warning residents to keep an eye on their pets.

Rabies is nothing new to Kerr County, but when you get a case near a busy supermarket, that's when officials urge locals to take extra precautions.

Two baby skunks and a fox are being examined for rabies, brought in Monday by Kerr County animal control.

The fox bit a cat in a local subdivision, then lunged at the pet's owner in the middle of day. Examiners will test it and meanwhile, the cat is in quarantine.

On Friday, a confirmed rabid skunk was discovered behind the Kerrville Walmart.

That discovery makes four confirmed cases, stretching from Centerville, Texas, to downtown Kerrville.

Animal control officers say the drought may be bringing wildlife into populated areas as they search for water, and some may be disease carriers.

We've had four confirmed rabies cases -- three in skunks, one has been in a fox, said Janie Whitt with the Kerr County Rabies &Animal Control. Three have been on the east end of the county and one in the city, which is really concerning me.

Officials also urge residents to make sure their pets have all their up-to-date shots.

Just how often do they test animals for rabies in Kerrville? This year alone, Kerr County sent in 24 animals for testing, with one in six testing positive -- everything from skunks to foxes to bats.

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