This year the Internet has been awash with rumors that Verizon will be getting the iPhone. Well, it looks like the rumors may be getting closer to the truth...albeit not in time for Christmas. So, if you were hoping that Santa would be stuffing your stocking with a 4G LTE version of the device you ll just have to wait a little longer.

Here are some of the latest rumors to surface courtesy of MacDailyNews:

* The after Christmas unveiling of the Verizon iPhone was AT&T's final demand, so they could squeeze as many Christmas iPhone sales in as possible;
* Verizon managers had training on the 4G iPhones last week and had functioning 4G iPhones in their hands;
* The Verizon 4G iPhone 4 will be available the day it's announced;
* The Verizon iPhone is already shipping to Verizon warehouses;
* The Verizon iPhone is NOT being shipped to third-party resellers in order to control product leaks;
* Verizon agreed to take complete responsibility for the security of the 4G iPhone before it's released to the public;
* The Verizon iPhone will be marketed as the only LTE iPhone ; and
* Since LTE is not widespread, Verizon will have multi-band chip backward compatibility with regular CDMA chips.

Wow, sounds too good to be true? Sounds great to me! Should we all hold off on buying AT&T iPhones until after the first of the year so we can snatch up the Verizon one? Well, if that s what you want to do then you should. But remember rumors have been rampant all year about Verizon coming out with a version of the iPhone. And there is no guarantee that this is even going to happen.

Also, remember that Verizon s version of LTE service is only debuting initially in 38 cities in the first part of 2011. So even if they do offer the iPhone, Verizon will still be using 3G technology. However, with the recent release of a Consumer Reports survey, which polled nearly sixty thousand people, ranking AT&T as the worst mobile service provider in the U.S., many respondents said they d break contracts and hop carriers if the iPhone was offered. Sprint and Verizon both got favorable scores in the poll.

So does that make this reporter want to hold out for the Verizon iPhone? Well, since I m neither an AT&T nor Verizon customer, I don t really have a dog in the fight either way. I still have a contract with another company that I m pretty happy with. Although the thought of the iPhone on Verizon s network is pretty tempting. Can you hear me now?? I do...even if representatives for neither Verizon nor Apple are sharing the good word with this journo.

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