SAN ANTONIO -- The Alamo city ranks as the18th most dangerous city out of 51 metro areas for having dangerous streets for pedestrians, according to Smart Growth America, a transportation research company.

The report said from 2003 to 2013, more than 300 San Antonio residents were killed while walking and according to the report, the majority of those deaths could have prevented.

But spokeswoman for the city's transportation and capital improvements department, April Alcoser, said the report does show the whole picture. The report acknowledges it needs better data and has significant challenges, which limited its analysis.

From the information that they collected and the data they utilize, doesn't indicate whether or not there was a sidewalk where a pedestrian accident occurred or even if there was a cross walk available for the pedestrian to cross that, said Alcoser.

Alcoser said every year, the city allocates $4.5 to $5 Million for street safety improvements. The city partners with other agencies like the Texas Department of Transportation and VIA to alert the public about watching out for pedestrians and to not text and drive.

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