AUSTIN -- The Austin Police Department (APD) is investigating after two officers shot and killed a pit bull in East Austin.

According to the APD watch commander, police were responding to an auto theft call on the 4000 block of Prock Lane, just off of Springdale Road around 8:30 p.m. According to police, the officers shot and killed the dog after it charged at the officers.

Police say the officers were in the street and that they had yet to walk onto the property.

The owner of the dog claims the dog was docile, and it was just barking at the officers.

[The dog] was just barking at them. [That's] what dogs do [bark at them]. That's all he was doing just barking, [the dog] wasn't trying to attack his leg or anything, said dog owner Margie Rodriguez.

An Austin Police Lieutenant said that the two officers involved in the shooting weren t left with a choice.

Lt. Michael Eveleth with said that he has seen dashboard camera video which captures the event from beginning to end.

Eveleth says officers were responding to a report of a stolen vehicle and when they arrived to 4905 Prock Lane in East Austin only to find out that it was a civil matter.

The Lieutenant says as the officers were approaching the house, a pit bull in the yard was barking aggressively.

The responding officers reportedly gave verbal commands to the dog owner to put the animal away.

A.P.D. says the dog eventually came out of his yard and can clearly be seen in the video charging one officer who then fired.

Eveleth says the dog, after being shot, got up and can be seen going after the second officer which is when the animal was shot a second time.

The Lieutenant also says the officers are visibly upset in the video after shooting the dog.

The dashboard camera video is expected to be released at some point Tuesday.

The shooting is under investigation.

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