SAN ANTONIO -- Raul didn t like the little bloodsuckers one bit. Actually, it was several bites... to his sons.

I have a young 6-month-old old baby, I have to make sure he s not the next victim of these bedbugs, that they don t attack him, he said.

Raul believes the bugs hitchhiked on his furniture from an apartment into his brand new home. The tiny insect is a growing problem throughout Texas. They hide in cracks and crevices and in furniture and bedding, coming out at night to suck blood from humans and leaving behind an itchy raised welt.

I gotta put a stop to it.

Traditional pesticides didn t work for Raul. He d already ditched one set of furniture and bedding and couldn t afford to do that again. So, he decided to turn up the heat... literally.

We ll bring the ambient temperature in this house to 150-160-degrees, said Mark Kellner of Thermapure, Texas.

His business is part pest control... and part cook, because the company is bombing the house--not with chemicals--but hot air.

He added, It s like cooking a turkey. You don t want to burn it, you want to cook it.

Bedbugs can t survive in that kind of heat. So, the home is sealed up and slow-roasted for four hours, penetrating cushions, clothing, even the walls. The heat stroke kills not just the bugs but their eggs, too.

When it s done, Raul hopes to move the family back in... for a good night s sleep.

Then I can finally tell my oldest son, sleep tight, don t let the bed bugs bite, he said.
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