SAN ANTONIO -- There are millions of pregnant bats heading to San Antonio to satisfy their cravings. No, seriously. A swarm of Mexican free-tailed bats are flapping their way back to the Bracken Cave looking for food.

The world's largest bat colony is about to be repopulated after its residents flew south for the winter.

They migrate to areas with more abundant food supplies depending on the weather. So in winter, they migrate south and in spring, they migrate north, according to a press release.

In one night, the flying mammals at the Bracken Cave can reportedly eat up to 150 tons of bugs per night.

Officials say many locals won't be able to see the bats until April, when the majority of the bats are expected to be back.

The free-tails are making their way back to the Alamo City in waves, so if you spot one flying overhead at speeds up to 60 miles per hour, do not be alarmed. The Bracken bats are just returning to their 10,000-year-old summer home.

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