Ever since the first episode, the new reality show Friday Night Tykes has sparked debate and controversy.

Most recently, two coaches were suspended for breaking the league's code of conduct. But some are saying what you see on the program shows more of the negative than the positive.

The show follows five San Antonio youth football teams with kids ages 8 and 9. The producers of the show said it shows kids learning discipline and dedication, but also the reality of kids being pushed too far.

This is real and this is authentic. It s not manufactured or staged. What you see is what was going on for years in the Texas Youth Football Association long before we got there and it will be going on long after we leave, executive producer Matt Maranz said.

The most recent episode of the show led to the suspension of two coaches. Charles Chavarria was one of them after cameras caught him telling his players to hit their opponents in the head.

I have regrets with my actions and behaviors. I have regrets with the show. I ve lost a lot, Chavarria said. It also was a learning curve to me as well. Maybe I need to change some things that s gone on.

Coach Marecus Goodloe was also suspended, but for encouraging profanity. Earlier this week, he tweeted:

I apologize for my actions. It s been a learning experience and will definitely make me a better person/mentor moving forward.

While the show might give the coaches and the league a black eye, Chavarria said there s a lot of good the viewers don t see.

They didn t show the times when we were sitting down passing out sno-cones to the boys, or handing out ice cream, or I bought pizza for the kids, Chavarria said.

League president Brian Morgan said halfway through the season, there s mixed emotion about whether there will be a sequel to all the drama.

I don t think we necessarily have any regrets of doing the show, but I think maybe going forward we'll have some reservations of doing a season two, Morgan said.

Both coaches told KENS 5 they plan to serve out their suspensions and hope to coach again. There are six more episodes of Friday Night Tykes yet to air on the Esquire Network.

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