Bandera - He shoots, he scores. A perfect shot from a senior at Bandera High with mild autism sent the school into a frenzy.

Teammates of Milam Boyle are so proud they created a Twitter hashtag to try and get ESPN to run a highlight of the play. Now the SPURS are supporting Milam. The team gave him a shout out at Wednesday night's game.

Milam is a guard for Bandera High's Varsity team. He's been playing for two years and on Tuesday he scored his first shot ever.

We really have a great relationship with him, said one of his teamamtes. Ask any of his teammates and they all agree Milam has a big heart. He was diagnosed with mild Autism but despite the challenges Milam keeps surprising everyone.

He likes to shoot, said his coach. He gets ready and when his time comes he pulls the trigger.

On Wednesday night, Milam was invited to see his favortire team the Spurs. He spent some quality time with his father.

After hearing about this perfect shot, the Spurs began tweeting a special hashtag created by Milam's classmates: #getmilamonespn. It went viral.

Milam isn't sure if his play will make it on ESPN but he feels grateful.

If it wasn't for my team I wouldn't be here, said Boyle.

CLICK here to watch the video.

Since the video was posted, fans have been trying to get the shot featured on Sports Center.

Or Click here for another angle of the shot posted on the Bulldog's Facebook page.

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