SAN ANTONIO -- Twitter was abuzz Sunday with reports of a food fight between students from O'Connor and Brandeis high schools after the heated game Saturday.

Pascual Gonzalez, the spokesperson for NISD, confirmed that a food fight broke out at a Whataburger at Loop 1604 and Bandera.

The incident forced employees to close a portion of the restaurant according to Whataburger.

It is unclear who started the fight but food can be seen flying across the restaurant in a video provided by a KENS 5 viewer.

Gonzalez released the following statement about the incident:

Campus administrators will review videos to identify students who will face appropriate consequences including suspension from school. NISD will also cooperate with law enforcement and restaurant management in pursuing criminal charges if warranted.

Whataburger released the following statement:

Whataburger shares an enthusiasm for Texas football with our customers, but clearly the rivalry between select students from these two high schools got out of hand, resulting in a 30-second food fight that required our team to close the dining area for 30 minutes to clean up the mess left behind.

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