SAN ANTONIO -- A local Catholic school is only one of a dozen schools in the country selected to be part of a new dual language program.

The Good Shepherd Catholic Academy, in downtown San Antonio, is initiating a program that will enable all elementary students to be bilingual and bi-literate by the sixth grade.

Students celebrated the new dual language program with dance and song Monday as proud parents looked on and snapped photos.

The Good Shepherd Catholic Academy is partnering with Boston College to educate students to read and write in two languages.

Beginning today, every subject, English, Math and Science, will be taught in both English and Spanish.

Let's say I'm doing a unit on plants, that will be in Spanish. Maybe the next unit is on solar system that will be in English, said Carol Johnson, the Principal of The Good Shepherd Catholic Academy.

Literacy tutors will work with students to help them along. Already signs are posted all over the school with words in both English and Spanish. Students are excited.

You pick up languages easier when you're smaller, said student Jonathon Fernandez.

Students will learn to speak a second language and read and write it.

It's just going to help me in the future as well as the other students, said eighth grader Alyssa Carrillo.

Even the students who already speak Spanish will be learning a different type of Spanish. The Academy will be teaching Castilian Spanish.

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