Hundreds of kids are out of luck after spending months preparing for a competition.

The Bexar County Junior Livestock Show had more than 100 rabbit cages stolen.

A trailer containing the rabbit hutches was taken from under a shed.

We were relieved of that trailer sometime around Friday afternoon, said Clarence Sultenfuss, the livestock show's president.

He said the property was worth more than $10,000.

They are not good for dogs or cats or anything else. They're only about one-foot by one-foot by one-foot, he said.

The cages might not sound like much, but ask someone who needs them, like 13-year-old Ashley Pena.

We use these rabbit [hutches] that were stolen and we use these in the show and now that they are gone I don't know what we are going to do, she said.

Ashley will compete in the livestock show in January. She said it takes work to raise prized rabbits and other animals. A lot of work.

You have to keep your grades up to be in this, too, she said. You can have B's and A's but you have to have higher grades to be in this program.

And it's not just Ashley who needs those cages.

Sultenfuss says the livestock show needs those cages back. Not just for the show, but for the kids.

This show means a lot to us. Whoever stole this, could you please return it back? They don't know how much this means to us, he said. We don't know what we are going to do without these hutches.

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