Kerrville police say they're dealing with a grinch on the loose in Kerrville. He's going after people's inflatable Christmas decorations.

Tim and Theresa O'Niell came home from running errands Sunday afternoon and realized their gigantic blow-up Noah's Ark display was gone. Theresa said the display featured two doors in the front with a lion and a bear that would periodically come out from behind the door. She said, I think it was everyones favorite.

Kerrville police say the O'Niell's weren't the only ones who got hit on Sunday. At least two other homes were also targets. Sgt. Mary Krebstold KENS 5the inflatables seemed like an odd thing for a thief to go after. She said, Idon't know where they would turn around and sell them.

The O'Niell's say what is so disturbing to them about it is that the displays are put up to make other people smile. So essentially, the thief is stealing someone's smile.

Police say the best way to prevent a crime like this is for neighbors to look out for each other. If you see someone who seems to be checking out a display a little too closely, keep your eye on them.

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