The Greater La Vernia Chamber of Commerce reports that it's missing a large amount of money.

Police in the small town have opened a investigation as chamber members try to regroup.

Business owners and other chamber members met in an emergency session Monday night to talk about how much may be missing from the group's account.

The immediate past president, Wes Becknell, said it's possible the chamber is missing up to $60,000.

Police said this is a theft investigation.

At times, the one-hour meeting turned tense, with members questioning how this could have happened with so many checks and balances in place.

The Greater La Vernia Chamber of Commerce formed about 13 years ago and has 120 members. It is completely separate from the La Vernia Chamber of Commerce.

Executives said that last month, the Greater La Vernia chamber had a total balance of $68,000 in three accounts. Now, only $2,700 can be accounted for, officials told KENS 5.

There's a follow-up meeting on this missing money set for May 1. The group will elect two new board members and work on recovering from this loss.

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