SAN ANTONIO -- Spring-break travelers are heading out. Officials at the San Antonio International Airport say get ready for busy lines all the way through Monday.

So far, the longest lines have been starting at 7 a.m. and have lasted through noon.

Nora Castro of the San Antonio International Airport said, Yesterday and today have been pretty busy, so we re really asking people to get here early, 2 hours at the minimum.

Airport officials say the worst may be Monday morning when, besides vacationers, you have the military bases emptying out.

Compounded by the business travelers in the morning trying to get to their destination, so you have a couple of different groups trying to get to where they need to go, Castro said.

Friday the lines were all the way along the terminal, two rows down.But surprisingly the lines were moving quickly. A great deal of the travelers aren t frequent flyers, so you may want to pack a little patience and find a way to ease through the lines.

Airport officials say that spring break is now the third busiest time of the year after Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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