SAN ANTONIO -- Police shot and killed a man following a bizarre crash and a four-hour standoff at his home on the city's south side.

San Antonio police Chief William McManus said the suspect was shot and killed as he rushed SWAT officers with a rifle around 6 a.m. He had been holed up in his home near Escalon Avenue and Drury Lane since 1:30 a.m. Monday.

The deceased has been identified as Jimmy Garza, Jr. He was 31 years old and had worked as a support personnel at a south-side probation office since 2003, according to Bexar County officials.

The standoff all started as an assault against an ex-girlfriend and an elaborate plan to cover up the abuse. The 34-year-old ex-girlfriend is a Bexar County probation officer.

The woman told officers she had recently broken up with Garza and moved out of his house after eight months. On Sunday night, she met him at a bar and had agreed to go home with him.

According to a police report, Garza began hitting her as they drove away. He then stopped the car, forced handcuffs on her wrists and continued beating her.

The woman told police that Garza dragged her into his home and threatened to shoot her with a handgun.

Bleeding profusely, the woman convinced Garza that she need to go to a hospital. McManus said that's when the suspect came up with the idea to crash his white SUV as a way to explain the woman's injuries. The woman, however, also convinced Garza that she didn't need to be in the actual the crash.

And once the car was crashed, she took off, McManus said.

The woman ran to nearby home, banging on the doors for help until somebody called 911. Garza had barricaded himself inside his home by the time officers arrived.

Garza stayed inside his home for more than four hours as the gang unit, SWAT team and hostage negotiators tried to talk him into surrendering. He was believed to be armed with an AR-15 and a Glock handgun.

At one point, it appeared as though he was going to come out, and he did not, McManus said. A short time later he did come out, rushed towards the officer with a long gun in his hand. The officers opened fire.

Garza was shot and killed shortly after 6 a.m. The fatal gunshots could be heard during a live report from KENS 5's Marvin Hurst.

The standoff occurred within a block of Vestal Elementary School. A spokesperson with the Harlandale Independent School District announced shortly after that all classes will be conduction as usual since the standoff had ended.

Max Barrera and his wife heard the SUV crash into their yard. They also saw it on their surveillance camera. They heard the gunfire, too.

We saw too many cars, Barrera said. And I said something bad has happened.

The ex-girlfriend was taken to University with a severe cut to her forehead and bruising on her wrists. According to the report, her eyes also appeared swollen and bruised.

She had told responding officers that Garza had just tried to kill her and he was still in the area.

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